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New Yellow Moenkhausia Tetra Species Described

Scientists have discovered and described an attractive new yellow tetra originating from the upper Rio Machado in Brazil. However, a limited range and encroaching deforestation are cause for concern over the future of this new species.

23 Jun 2:27 PM 0

Charismatic New Brazilian Tetra Species Found In Blackwater Reservoir

With countless aquatic species awaiting discovery in the backwaters of Amazonia, only a select few will ever capture the attention of the aquarium world. Those that instantly catch the eye of humans are informally classified as “charismatic”—a hard to define quality that may be driven by pigmentation, form, behaviors and personality. In the case of Phycocharax rasbora, it is readily apparent in its vivid hues, flashy presence and the promise of being a sociable community fish.

22 Feb 5:31 PM 1