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Ecotech Announces Release of V2 Vectra Aquarium Pumps

Ecotech’s line of controllable DC centrifugal aquarium pumps get an update with a new base, tougher motor sleeves, improved thermal management and more!

02 Apr 1:58 PM 0

EcoTech Introduces Vectra S1 Return/Closed-Loop Pump

EcoTech’s Vectra S1 DC pump features the control-ability, reliability, and simplicity of its big brothers but is compact enough to fit into nano-tank-sized sumps.

11 Sep 11:15 AM 0

EcoTech Marine Announces Vectra DC Centrifugal Water Pumps for Aquariums

The Vectra M1 and Vectra L1 DC centrifugal pumps are built around performance and reliability. Coupling a class leading DC centrifugal pump with EcoTech’s proprietary driver technology – delivers for return pump and closed loop applications in a big way.

24 Jul 12:09 AM 0