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The Well-Armed Octopus: Shell-Throwing Behaviors Documented in Cephalopods

A scientist at the University of Sydney and his colleagues have observed wild octopuses throwing silt, shells and algae underwater—sometimes hitting other cephalopods.

10 Nov 3:36 PM 0

Stunning new-to-science fairy wrasse is first-ever fish described by a Maldivian scientist

A familiar fish for some reef aquarists has a new species name. Named after Maldives’ national flower, the species is added to the tree of life as part of California Academy of Sciences’s global Hope for Reefs initiative/

08 Mar 8:23 PM 2

Accidental Angels? Explaining the Phenomenon of Fish Hybridization on the Reef

Why do some fish species form hybrids while others don’t? In attempting to answer this question, researchers in Australia have discovered that marine angelfishes may be the most prolific hybridizers in the communities of species found on coral reefs.

26 Aug 1:49 PM 0