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VIDEO: Underwater Camera Housing Selection

Many CORAL readers are also avid divers. If you’re considering adding underwater photography and videography to your diving experience, Reef Patrol’s new series of underwater filming tips will be incredibly helpful.

07 Nov 12:37 PM 0

Biotope Video: Clearwater Creeks on the Lower Tapajós

Dive into the clear waters of the Tapajós River and witness dozens of popular aquarium fish species in their natural habitat in the Amazon Basin. This 9-minute video explores Lago Verde, near the picturesque beach town of Alter do Chao in the middle Amazon Basin.

30 Jan 7:00 AM 2

Biotope Video: Blackwater Shallows in the Middle Rio Negro

Explore the diverse underwater life of this tropical freshwater habitat in Brazil’s Rio Negro, home to dozens of popular aquarium species.

09 Jan 1:33 PM 10