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CORAL Bonus: ICP-OES Reef Aquarium Water Testing Services Overview

Browse an expanded listing of ICP-OES aquarium water testing service providers from the May/June 2020 issue of CORAL Magazine.

24 Apr 12:23 PM 0

TRITON Applied Reef Bioscience U.S. Lab Officially Opens

As of January 20th, US consumers can have their water tested and results uploaded within as little as 48 hours. All samples will now ship FREE back to the TRITON US Lab via USPS.

21 Jan 11:55 AM 0

Triton N-Doc Test Has Landed

This new test will allow the reef aquarium hobbyist to now have an accurate view of the ratio between Nitrate: Phosphate: Carbon, which can help reef aquarists avoid cyano blooms, improve general SPS-related issues and improve refugium health.

06 Feb 11:17 AM 0