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VIDEO: The Reef Aquarium of Gary Lo

Gary Lo’s 700L SPS-dominated reef aquarium in Taiwan is an exceptional example of what can be achieved in a marine aquarium today.

12 Mar 5:17 PM 1

Arrested by the Tang Police: I Refuse to Confess!

For those who haven’t heard the term, it will help to define the phrase “Tang Police.” The best way to identify an officer in this force is by hearing him LOUDLY express his opinions regarding the amount of swimming space required by tangs (or other species).

17 Jun 11:13 AM 5

Beware The Tang Police!

People rarely admit they are a member of the “Tang Police”, but make comments such as, “I just care about tangs, so if that makes me a member, then so be it.”

07 Jan 2:54 PM 2