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Captive-Bred Purple Tangs: A Reality at Bali Aquarich

Another species milestone has fallen; Bali Aquarich is only the third program in the world to produce a captive-bred Acanthurid!

22 Apr 2:02 AM 2

RCT Announces Aquacultured Convict Tangs

As part of the Hawaii Larval Fish Project, Frank Baensch breaks ground with the surgeonfish genus Acanthurus, sharing amazing larviculture proof-of-concept with the Convict Tang, Acanthurus triostegus.

04 May 10:30 AM 0

CORAL Retro Excerpt: The Tang Challenge

In honor of the first captive-bred Hepatus Tangs, we offer this retrospective excerpt from CORAL Magazine July/August 2013, just 3 years prior; a historical snapshot of the race to breed and aquaculture Tangs & Surgeonfishes (Acanthuridae)

15 Sep 8:42 AM 2