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Transparency: Lessons from the Orchid Community

Replace animosity with kindness, encourage compromise through transparency, and the fish keeping hobby has a truly bright future—even for those who love man-made fishes.

19 Aug 10:35 AM 3

Squeaky Clean: Three Excellent Synodontis Species For Your Aquarium

The aquarium experts at Portland, Oregon’s The Wet Spot Tropical Fish have selected three Synodontis species that are well-suited to fill the lower levels within a wide range of aquarium communities.

14 Sep 12:01 PM 0

AMAZONAS Magazine “PEACOCK BASS” Inside Look

A preview of highlights in AMAZONAS Magazine’s September/October 2017 Issue. Paid AMAZONAS Subscribers can log in with their email address and read the Digital Edition immediately

04 Aug 6:05 PM 0