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VIDEOS: AMAZONAS Interviews The Wet Spot Tropical Fish

s The Wet Spot celebrates its 22nd year in business this October 2021, AMAZONAS staff was on location and online taking the opportunity to connect over multiple livestreams as the festivities began. If you missed these live broadcasts, now is your chance to catch up via the AMAZONAS YouTube channel!

21 Oct 2:43 PM 0

The Jewel of the Congo: Nanochromis splendens

Nanochromis splendens is an engimatic member of a genus of dwarf cichlids found only in the Congo river system. Imports of this species have recently become available and we present here, a few portraits of this beautiful little cichlid.

03 Jun 4:10 PM 2

2nd Annual Aquatic Experience Draws Near

Aquatic Experience – Chicago makes a splash with additional 130+ tanks of tropical fish, return of Live Shark Encounter and Kids Aquarium Contest

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