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Outcome of Hawaii Diver Altercation

Commercial fisherman Jay Lovell pled no contest last week to charges brought against him based on the most public altercation between aquarium fishers and anti-aquarium trade activists in years in Hawaii’s contentious aquarium fishery.

24 Feb 2:05 PM 0

Decisions on Hawaii Aquarium Fishery Bills Delayed

Five Hawaii aquarium-fishery related bills were heard in the House Committee on Ocean, Marine Resources and Hawaiian Affairs yesterday, but decisions on all bills were deferred to today.

12 Feb 3:32 PM 1

Reef Confrontation in the Waters of Hawaii’s Big Island

This recent incident may either be an isolated event or the first episode in an entirely new kind of battle over Hawaii’s aquarium fishery. What happened is serious—deadly serious—and it should be addressed as such through legal means.

19 May 10:29 AM 11