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VIDEO: Underwater Photography

Underwater video is a lot of fun and I hope to continue to do more with it in the future. Hopefully this article gave some insight into what goes into underwater photography and videography.

30 Mar 10:25 AM 0

Video: Diving Okinawa; Coral Reefs & Mariculture Surprise

Okinawa, Japan is known for its great diving and lush coral reefs. There were tons of corals and fish, but I was surprised to see a huge field of Acropora that was all maricultured. It felt like I was diving in an incredible frag tank.

22 Apr 1:19 PM 0

Manta, Manta, Plankton Eater

The presence of large aggregations of mantas feeding on tiny plankton in waters around coral reefs is one more indication that the plankton populations around those coral reefs are rich and abundant.

13 Sep 11:13 PM 1