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VIDEO: Living with Limits – the resilient corals of Magnetic Island

Each year in July, extreme low tides expose the inshore coral reefs at Magnetic Island for several hours, causing coral species that are intertidal specialists to endure several hours of exposure to direct tropical sun.

29 Dec 6:21 PM 0

Online Coral ID Workshops and BYOGUIDES are back!

The Online Coral ID Workshops with Russell Kelley and BYOGUIDES are back! 16 hours of training spanning 4 days, led by Russell Kelley,author of the Indo-Pacific Coral Finder (5 editions) & the Reef Finder, with assistance from Kevin Erickson.

02 Dec 1:35 PM 1

CORAL FINDER 2022: Guide to Indo-Pacific Species’ ID

Australian reef naturalist and CORAL contributor Russell Kelley has published a completely revised & up-to-date 5th edition of the book that takes the mystery out of coral ID.

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