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Fiji Cube Reveals ARF-20 Automatic Roller Filter System

Perfect for any aquarium, the Fiji Cube ARF-20 Automatic Roller Filter System keeps your tank’s water crystal clean and clear, helps to increase lighting penetration, and reduces maintenance, allowing you to enjoy and view your aquarium with higher clarity.

18 Nov 1:08 AM 0

MRC Launches Infiniti Rolling Fleece Filter For Large Aquariums

Roller mat particulate filters for aquariums get a new industrial-strength model from MRC.

06 Aug 1:24 PM 0

CoralVue Shows Off Updated Klir Filter Drop-In Roller Mat Filter

Roller mat filters hold promise to eliminate the chore of constantly swapping and bleaching filter socks. CoralVue shows off one of the newest offerings in the market; the Klir roller-mat filter.

20 Apr 2:46 PM 0