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PIJAC’s Letter Campaign In Opposition to S.B. 1240

PIJAC’s position; Hawaii’s marine aquarium fishery bill SB1240 sides with emotion, and directly opposes a huge amount of sound science! Hawaii will institute an indefinite ban on aquarium fishing permits

12 Jun 3:26 PM 1

Open Season on Aquarium Fishermen in Hawaii

Mainland aquarists and those around the world may want to keep in mind that what happens in Hawaii may not necessarily stay in Hawaii.

31 Jan 11:35 AM 8

Sea Shepherd Launches Anti-Aquarium Trade Campaign in Hawaii

I share this blast from the past with you today because I think my findings in 2010 regarding Wintner and his motivations and strategy hold true today, and it makes me very suspect of Operation Reef Defense.

23 May 1:19 PM 14