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What Does Coral Bleaching Look Like in Hawaii?

Bruce Carlson shared a current look at a Hawaiian coral reef, capturing the iconic Potter’s Angelfish in the wild and documents an example of recent coral bleaching on a field of Finger Porites.

24 Jan 11:02 AM 0

Bisma Worms: A Keeper’s Guide

Spirobranchus worms and their host corals are a beautiful addition to a reef aquarium if the hobbyist is able to provide proper husbandry to keep them thriving.

16 Nov 3:48 PM 3

BNFFF (Best Non-Fish Friends Forever)

Initially, the worm was thought to obtain a permanent shelter from predation at a minor expense to the coral. However, experimental work has shown that the cost to the coral is minimal and that the worms can provide two quite significant benefits to the coral: First, the top of the calcareous operculum is secreted in the form of multiple sharp rays.

16 Nov 3:14 PM 1