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Reefing in Heels

There’s a new challenge taking over Instagram this week called #reefinginheels in support of #womeninreefing. Inspired by Scooby Tu’s post about #sneakersandreefs, influencer Kat Dhawan posted a photo of herself lounging in front of her reef tank and famously wearing her legendary high heels.

02 Aug 1:40 PM 1

MACNA 2018 Speakers Presented on Diverse Topics

It’s impossible to catch all that MACNA offers, but here’s a glimpse at some of the learning opportunities offered by this year’s speakers.

14 Sep 10:38 AM 0

DWA Eyeing The Prize of Captive-bred Flashlight Fish!

From “behind the scenes” at the Dallas World Aquarium: We are excited to announce that we are working hard to raise baby Flashlight fish (Photoblepharon palpebratus) in captivity.

20 Jan 12:58 PM 0