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Eartheaters – AMAZONAS Magazine March/April 2015 – Hard Copy Preview

Print copies of AMAZONAS are here! This is your very first look at what’s on the glossy, heavy, luscious pages of our newest issue! Is your mouth watering?

27 Jan 2:39 PM 0

VIDEOS: 100 Cardinal Tetras – the Ultimate Guide to Freshwater Numerology

Is 100 the magic number for Cardinafish Tetra Schools? Internet videos suggest so!

31 Jul 12:38 PM 0

Last Minute Holiday Gift? An Expedition to South America with Project Piaba!

Have passports, a flexible schedule, and ready to wow someone this holiday season? Surprise them with a trip to the Rio Negro with Project Piaba departing late January 2014!

21 Dec 11:17 AM 0