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Outcome of Hawaii Diver Altercation

Commercial fisherman Jay Lovell pled no contest last week to charges brought against him based on the most public altercation between aquarium fishers and anti-aquarium trade activists in years in Hawaii’s contentious aquarium fishery.

24 Feb 2:05 PM 0

Sea Shepherd Launches Anti-Aquarium Trade Campaign in Hawaii

I share this blast from the past with you today because I think my findings in 2010 regarding Wintner and his motivations and strategy hold true today, and it makes me very suspect of Operation Reef Defense.

23 May 1:19 PM 15

Sea Shepherd Launches New Anti-Aquarium Campaign

Long-time foes Robert “Snorkle Bob” Wintner and Rene Umberger, both with ties to the dive and snorkle tourism trade in Hawaii, lead new effort to attack the aquarium trade

22 May 4:58 PM 2