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Omega One Photo Contest: Less Than Two Weeks Remain

Thirteen lucky winners will receive a coveted spot in the glossy, globally distributed Omega One® Calendar – PLUS free fish food for an entire year! So start snapping, the contest closes October 31st, 2018.

17 Oct 11:52 AM 0

Omega One Fish Foods Have a New Look

Omega One’s aquarium fish foods, made with whole fresh seafood ingredients, sport refreshed packaging in celebration of 20 years of feeding your fish!

06 Jul 12:30 PM 0

New OMEGA ONE Frozen Food Pods

OmegaSea is introducing brand-new, ultra-convenient packaging for your favorite frozen aquarium foods! Convenient stand-up pouch contains 30 individual quick-thaw pods. Easy to use design allows each serving to be thawed separately, without compromising the entire package.

20 May 1:43 PM 0