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Stunning new-to-science fairy wrasse is first-ever fish described by a Maldivian scientist

A familiar fish for some reef aquarists has a new species name. Named after Maldives’ national flower, the species is added to the tree of life as part of California Academy of Sciences’s global Hope for Reefs initiative/

08 Mar 8:23 PM 2

The newest wrasse species is the “Flava Coris”

Coris flava is the newest wrasse species, and it’s a looker! Its name literally means “Yellow coris”…which could be confusing to many aquarists!

12 Feb 1:50 PM 1

VIDEO: Monsoon Fairy Wrasse Hits the U.S. Market

The newly-described Monsoon Fairy Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus hygroxerus) will make its US debut at MACNA 2016

31 Aug 10:00 AM 0