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Molecular Support for the Armored Catfish Family Loricariidae

We review the takeaways of research conducted by Roxo and colleagues (2019) on the Family Loricariidae, the armored catfishes.

20 May 5:45 PM 0

EXTINCTION!!! Memories of the Sunflower Sea Star

A new publication confirms the extirpation and possible extinction of the benthic ecosystem apex predator, the Sunflower Sea Star, Pycnopodia helianthoides, due the combined effects of abnormally warm sea water temperatures coupled with the effects of sea star wasting disease.

03 Feb 6:35 AM 0

Genetic Evidence Indicates Xingu Plecos L066 & L333 are Same Species

It is important to remember that our sometimes arbitrary classification schemes don’t always correspond to nature’s.

13 Oct 4:04 PM 2