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CoralVue Shows Off Updated Klir Filter Drop-In Roller Mat Filter

Roller mat filters hold promise to eliminate the chore of constantly swapping and bleaching filter socks. CoralVue shows off one of the newest offerings in the market; the Klir roller-mat filter.

20 Apr 2:46 PM 0

Seachem Officially Launches New TIDAL Power Filter Line

In their first foray into filtration, well-known aquarium product manufacturer Seachem Laboratories has begun shipping their Tidal line of hang-on-the-back (HOB) power filters to retailers nationwide.

01 Mar 1:30 PM 0

Aqueon Debuts New Quietflow E Internal Power Filters

Aquarium product manufacturer Aqueon has launched a new, versatile line of Quietflow internal power filters

01 Mar 1:29 PM 1