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A New Brazilian Loricariid, Parotocinclus nandae

A new marbled loricariid catfish has been described from the upper Paraguaça basin in Brazil. The new taxon, Parotocinclus nandae, is the seventh species of loricariid known from the Río Paraguaça basin, and it is also considered to be an endemic of the area.

14 Aug 11:25 AM 0

A New Catfish with Stunning Jaguar Coloration

A new species of auchenipterid catfish, Spinipterus moijiri, was recently discovered in the middle Río Purus basin, Brazil (Rocha et al. 2019)

03 Dec 3:55 PM 0

A New Ancistrus Species is Described

First discovered during the Mosaico do Apuí expedition in 2006, Ancistrus miracollis was found in the rio Sucunduri, a large tributary of the rio Madeira basin in south Amazonas State.

26 Aug 12:41 AM 0