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Meet Coradion calendula, the charismatic new Australian “Marigold” Butterflyfish

The reefs of the western and northern coasts of Australia are home to a species of butterflyfish that, while certainly known to exist, had not been formally recognized as distinct until now.

20 Jan 12:52 PM 0

Roa rumsfeldi: New Deepwater Butterflyfish

A charismatic new butterflyfish has been discovered and described by a team of biologists from Monterey Bay Aquarium and the California Academy of Sciences exploring the Verde Island Passage in the Philippines, West Pacific Ocean.

11 Nov 10:30 AM 0

Coral Reef Fish Roundup – New Fish Species

A butterflyfish, a dottyback, and a damselfish are just some of the latest new species of fish discovered on coral reefs.

30 Oct 11:50 AM 0