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CORAL Excerpt: BANNED! (Florida’s New Lionfish Rules)

New Lionfish rules for Florida as it fights back against the worst marine invasion in state history.

25 Jul 11:47 AM 4

Endangered Species Petition is Not an Imminent Threat to the Hobby

It has been with much disappointment that I read the article, “U.S. Considers Endangered Species Protection for 82 Stony Coral Species” recently published in CORAL and the numerous internet discussions it has spawned. What could have been an informative article on the Endangered Species Act was hijacked by Marshall Meyers to promote the knee-jerk reaction that this action must be stopped at all costs, which has become all too predictable from the hobby.

17 Apr 3:01 PM 0

Proposed Invasive Species Legislation Goes Too Far

Nonnative Wildlife Invasion Prevention Act, HR6311, seeks to prevent the introduction of invasive species through a mixture of white lists and possession bans, which could have dire consequences for the aquarium industry and hobby.

18 Aug 10:01 PM 0