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Breaking News: Hawaii’s Aquarium Fishery Suffers Another Setback

The Department of Land and Natural Resources is taking immediate steps to comply with a new order issued late Friday from the First Circuit Court, requiring environmental review for issuance of new or renewed annual commercial marine licenses (CMLs) to be used for aquarium fishing purposes.

01 Dec 4:59 PM 3

Dynasty Marine Leads Sustainability Research in Florida Aquarium Fishery

Faced with increasing scrutiny and restrictions to trade in marine aquarium fish around the globe, a leading marine aquarium fisher in Florida takes a proactive approach for its own fishery.

10 Sep 9:55 AM 0

Hawai’i Bans Amateur Collection of Live Marine Fishes

“This is legal; catching them alive for an aquarium is not. No permit needed to kill them.” Marine recreational fishermen in Hawai’i who hold special aquarium fishing permits saw those licenses revoked this week.

20 Apr 3:20 PM 6