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Build a Lightweight, Waterproof Concrete Basin for Ponds and Plants

Step-by-step instructions to create a lightweight, waterproof concrete planter basin suitable for indoor ponds, carnivorous plant bogs, and open terrarium plantings. This simple design uses a foam insulation core covered with surface bonding cement and masonry waterproofer.

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India’s Sundarbans: One Incredible Estuary (Part II)

In my first post on India’s Sunderbans National Park, I gave a brief overview of this unique ecosystem. In this piece, I’ll be looking specifically at the aquatic and semi-aquatic life which can be found in and around the Sunderbans’ silty, brackish waters.

15 May 1:32 AM 1

AMAZONAS Magazine Table of Contents Nov/Dec 2013

TROPHEUS: AMAZONAS Magazine Volume 2, Number 6

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