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Phoenix Pygmy Date Palm, a new Riparium/Paludarium Plant

Riparium Supply has added a new selection to use as the palm element of planted ripariums. Pygmy Date Palm (Phoenix roebelenii) is native to riparian areas of Southern China, Laos and Vietnam. As a plant adapted to wet habitats, it roots very well in riparium planters. It is much smaller than most palms and its fine, feathery palm fronds blend well with other riparium foliage.

22 Apr 2:01 AM 0

An Elegant Lighting Solution for Nano Tanks, Vases, Terrariums & Wabi Kusa

Nano planted tanks, Wabi Kusa bowls and smaller vivarium ecosystems will enliven your home or office with radiant living foliage, the shimmer of clean water and enchanting tiny animals. A pendant LED lamp connected with a durable, attractive cloth-covered wire cord fixture can be the perfect lighting solution for this kind of intimate living display, illuminating the enclosure from within and providing spillover light to harmonize elegantly with the interior space.

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