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“Not Dead Yet”: A Conservation Scientist’s Take on the World’s Reefs

Dr. Les Kaufman, a well-known coral reef conservation expert, weighs in on the Great Barrier Reef’s recent “obituary”.

21 Oct 5:26 PM 0

Marine Aquarium Trade: A Force for Good in Saving Coral Reefs

Some environmental groups are, in fact, calling for bans on the harvest of reef fishes and invertebrates—bans that could be enforced by import restrictions imposed by importing countries, especially in North America and Europe.

31 Jan 11:46 AM 4

Public Aquarists and the Haplochromine Cichlids of Lake Victoria, Africa

An introductory look at the plight of Lake Victoria’s endangered cichlids and the LVSSP.

24 Apr 1:21 PM 0