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Ecotech Announces Generation 3 Radion LED Aquarium Lighting

EcoTech Marine announces the Radion XR30w G3 and XR30w Pro G3, now shipping to your local fish store or your favorite online retailer.

15 Jan 2:53 PM 0

Ecoxotic Introduces New EcoPico Plant Nano Aquarium

Inspired by a few passionate green thumbs, the EcoPico Plant was created specifically for aquarists wanting a clean, modern freshwater planted biotope.

30 May 1:31 PM 0

New EcoSMART Live Platform

With the introduction of EcoSMART Live, lighting control has moved to the cloud. Thanks to the controller’s web interface (compatible with Mac, Windows, iOS, Android and more), Radion owners can enjoy EcoSMART’s cutting-edge controls and user-friendly design on any device with an internet connection.

17 Sep 4:21 PM 0