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VIDEO: Experience Kenya’s Marine Aquarium Fishery

CORAL Sr. Editor Michael J. Tuccinardi teams up with John Carlin of Fincasters to showcase footage taken during Tuccinardi’s time spent with aquarium fish collectors and exporters in East Africa.

17 Aug 12:07 PM 0

REEF FISHES Out of Africa: Part 2

In the absence of hard data, small-scale fisheries like Kenya’s increasingly seem to be a better sourcing option for hobbyists looking to minimize the impact their aquariums have on wild reefs.

03 Aug 4:38 AM 0

REEF FISHES Out of Africa: Part 1

Although relatively few aquarists know it, Kenya has been the site of a small-scale marine aquarium fishery supplying fishes, invertebrates, and—until recently—corals to the trade since the mid-1970s.

18 Jul 5:57 PM 0