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CORAL Magazine New Issue “BUILDING BOMMIES” Inside Look

A visual preview of highlights in CORAL’s July/August 2016 Issue. Paid CORAL Subscribers can log in with their email address and read the Digital Edition immediately.

23 Jun 11:24 AM 0

Introducing Vita – Indoor Gardening Done Water Wise

A higher end concept for a “Betta bowl” – Ecoxotic Kicks Off Its Kickstarter Campaign Bring Life To Any Space

14 Oct 3:49 PM 0

PNG Sustainably Collected Livestock Arrives

On Saturday, July 14th, the first North American shipment of sustainably collected marine aquarium animals from EcoAquariums Papua New Guinea (PNG), Ltd. arrived in the United States. This marks the first opportunity since North American aquarists rallied around the new PNG aquarium fishery in late summer 2010 that sustainably collected animals from PNG will be widely available to Americans.

31 Jul 4:45 PM 0