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AMAZONAS “African SODA CICHLIDS” Issue: Inside Look

A visual preview of highlights in AMAZONAS Magazine’s January/February 2017 Issue. Paid AMAZONAS Subscribers can log in with their email address and read the Digital Edition immediately.

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AMAZONAS Magazine Table of Contents January/February 2016

WINNING BETTAS: AMAZONAS Magazine Volume 5, Number 1

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Crypts & Super Severums – AMAZONAS Print Preview

Beautiful and diverse Cryptocoryne plants and dazzling Severum cichlids lead the way into the the May/June 2015 issue of AMAZONAS Magazine, with additional features on New Rainbowfish, Zebra Otocinclus catfish, and Hans-Georg Evers leading an expedition to discover new Corydoras in quiet, shallow Peruvian streams.

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