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Characterizing the US Trade in Lionfishes

The Quarter 3, 2018 publication funded by the Dr. Junda Lin Memorial Fund for Publishing Open Access Marine Aquarium Research is now freely available to the public as an open-access article.

28 Oct 2:32 PM 0

FWC’s 2019 Lionfish Challenge Begins with Record Removals

Over 19,000 lionfish removed as part of Lionfish Removal & Awareness at the Emerald Coast Open lionfish tournament: an update from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

24 May 2:34 PM 0

Invasive Lionfish? Delicious! says the State of Florida

Florida’s state-supported Lionfish Removal & Awareness Program has divers spearing Pterois spp. invasives, restaurants serving much-in-demand lionfish filets, and the public meeting these venomous Indo-Pacific fishes for the first time.

14 Mar 11:24 AM 0