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Two New Dwarf Angelfish Hybrids From Bali Aquarich

Our regular visit to Wen-Ping Su and Bali Aquarich was long overdue. It never disappoints. As usual Mr. Su had a couple of surprises up his sleeves; he greeted us with 2 new hybrids of Centropyge dwarf angelfish.

20 Jan 1:21 PM 1

Bali Aquarich’s Smokey Lemonpeel Angels

Variation in the latest hybrid angelfish from Bali Aquarich will be a springboard for selective breeding and even more outrageous fish in the future.

07 May 11:00 AM 0

Accidental Angels? Explaining the Phenomenon of Fish Hybridization on the Reef

Why do some fish species form hybrids while others don’t? In attempting to answer this question, researchers in Australia have discovered that marine angelfishes may be the most prolific hybridizers in the communities of species found on coral reefs.

26 Aug 1:49 PM 0