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Poma Labs Breeds Holacanthus africanus

The African Angelfish, Holacanthus africanus, endemic to the tropical waters of the eastern Atlantic Ocean, is the latest ornamental marine fish to be successfully aquacultured for the first time; another captive-bred first for Florida-based Poma Labs!

29 Oct 9:54 PM 23

Species Spotlight: The Rare African Angel

Taking a closer look at a true rarity in the trade: the West African endemic Angel, Holocanthus africanus, a new import from Quality Marine, Los Angeles.

30 Mar 7:28 PM 1

My Favorite Fish

Ultimately, public aquarist Jay Hemdal’s all time favorite group of fish must be the flashlight fish, Anomalopidae. Get a glimpse into their care.

28 Dec 11:31 AM 0