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CORAL March/April 2015 Issue Preview

Gracing the cover is a quintessentially curious dwarf angelfish, in this case a naturally occurring hybrid known as the “Tigerpyge” (Centropyge eibli x C. flavissima) a fish photographed and kept by “Lemon”Tea Yi Kai. Background: Mycedium elephantosus, Werner Fiedler

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Hard Copy Preview – WILD CLOWNS – September/October 2014 – CORAL Magazine

An inside look at an issue featuring designer genetic and hybrid clownfishes, Bali Mariculture of corals, Yellow Watchman Goby and Decapod breeding, and so much more.

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CORAL Excerpt: Pelicier’s Perchlets, Plectranthias pelicieri

Current retail prices could be as high as $1,400 to $1,800, but Quality Marine’s Short Supply Chain delivers only about two per month, sometimes none at all.

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