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New rules for Hawaii’s biggest “AQ” fishery

After years of rumblings, annual temblors with threats of legislation, and constant prophesies of doom for Hawaiian aquarium fishers—as well as mounting calls for a total ban on the marine aquarium trade—a landmark law has just been passed that will bring a sea change in the way a unique resource is used and managed in the volcanic islands of Hawaii.

18 Dec 12:33 PM 4

Sea Shepherd Launches New Anti-Aquarium Campaign

Long-time foes Robert “Snorkle Bob” Wintner and Rene Umberger, both with ties to the dive and snorkle tourism trade in Hawaii, lead new effort to attack the aquarium trade

22 May 4:58 PM 2

Open Season on Hawaii’s Marine Aquarium Collectors

A landslide of 13 legislative measures that could significantly impact the aquarium fishery in Hawaiian waters was introduced in the state legislature in the week between opening day on January 16th and the cutoff deadline for new bills on January 24th. At least three of the measures—two senate bills and one house bill—seek to close the fishery in state waters, while several others not explicitly seeking to end the commercial aquarium fishery would most likely do just that if passed.

25 Jan 3:28 PM 4