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Surrender, Don’t Release: JRAAR Events Aim to Help Exotic Pet Owners

Do you have an exotic pet that you are no longer able to care for? If so, bring your pet to one of several Habitattitude Exotic Pet Surrender Events scheduled around the state of Wisconsin this fall. Area organizations will be accepting fish, reptiles, pet birds, small mammals, and aquarium plants—no questions asked.

14 Aug 1:47 PM 0

First SURRENDER Event a Sweet Success

The “Minnesota experiment” shows that such surrender events are something every responsible aquarium society should offer once or twice a year. Since the Habitattitude program is a national initiative (, support from the Great Lakes Sea Grant network or other programs may be available.

18 Apr 9:00 AM 0

Aquarium Livestock Vendors Prepare For Florida Lionfish Ban

With the Florida import ban on Lionfish of the genus Pterois starting a week from today, what are livestock suppliers doing in preparation?

25 Jul 4:04 PM 4