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CORAL Magazine New Issue “OCTOCORALS” Inside Look

A preview of articles and images in the just-published issue of CORAL, The Reef & Marine Aquarium Magazine, January/February 2020.

04 Jan 2:29 PM 0

Look! Down in the Mud, It’s Snail, … No! It’s Clam, … No!! It’s Superbug … Bathynomus giganteus

But – REALLY, folks, when was the last time you had the opportunity to watch a video of football-sized isopods eating a dead gator…or a dead anything?

24 May 1:32 PM 2

VIDEO: An Invasive Damselfish Is Spreading Through the Gulf of Mexico

NOAA reports the invasive Regal Damselfish, Neopomacentrus cyanomos, is continuing its spread through the Gulf of Mexico, raising concerns.

10 Jul 3:07 PM 1