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Global Reef Expedition: Canopies of Coral

Fiji’s reefs house some 333 species of corals of all shapes, sizes and colors, many of which we’ve seen in Lau Province. We’ve examined many reef types, some which fringe the shore (fringing reefs), some in the center of a lagoon (lagoonal patch reefs), and some that form a barrier between the open ocean and the lagoon (barrier reefs).

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Global Reef Expedition in Society Islands

Society Islands from 1000 feet offers a unique perspective of the beauty of French Polynesia as well as some of the challenges we face on the upcoming research mission. We overflew the eight atolls, most which were roughly circular or elliptical in shape – some with a few low-lying islets covered in coconut palms and scrub forest and others built around rugged, steeply-sloping volcanoes.

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