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Biotope Video: Clearwater Creeks on the Lower Tapajós

Dive into the clear waters of the Tapajós River and witness dozens of popular aquarium fish species in their natural habitat in the Amazon Basin. This 9-minute video explores Lago Verde, near the picturesque beach town of Alter do Chao in the middle Amazon Basin.

30 Jan 7:00 AM 2

Friday Photospread – Geophagus sp. “Orange Head Tapajos” Surprise

The large size but normally passive nature of the Geophagus spp. remains one of their more endearing traits; they look fantastic as feature fish in a calm setting with other compatible fish. I never had a customer come back to complain about the Geophagus I had sold to them; these are fish people like!

05 Sep 2:32 PM 7