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AMAZONAS “Sweet Corys” Advance Look

The November/December Issue of AMAZONAS is printed and now delivering to print magazine subscribers, local aquarium shops, and readers of the Digital Editions (available for desktop and laptop computers, as well as smartphones, tablets and Kindle readers).

23 Sep 3:31 PM 0

Showstopper Shrimp

The so-called Shrimp Hobby is still very new in comparison to the keeping of tropical fishes, but it is already subject to certain trends and fashion waves.

10 Sep 3:35 PM 0

Eartheaters – AMAZONAS Magazine March/April 2015 – Hard Copy Preview

Print copies of AMAZONAS are here! This is your very first look at what’s on the glossy, heavy, luscious pages of our newest issue! Is your mouth watering?

27 Jan 2:39 PM 0