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New IceCap Coral Frag Transport Container

The Frag Transport Container is a water-tight container that holds up to 8 coral frags and is capable of securely holding a range of frag plug sizes. An in-tank magnet mount extends the uses for the system beyond simply conveying coral frags from one place to another!

14 Feb 11:47 AM 0

BASHSEA Introduces MAD RACK Frag Display Racks

Industrial grade and laser cut precision! The only frag Rack utilizing 3/8″ thick American cast acrylic! Slotted design making the rack versatile utilizing every square inch of the rack regardless of what plugs are used!

21 Feb 12:05 AM 0

Seachem Teases New aquavitro® Tools

New aquavitro® aquascaping & fragging aquarium tools will be hitting the shelves of your local fish store soon.

04 Sep 12:16 PM 0