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New Frag Pack-N-Go Transport Kit from PNW Custom

he Frag Pack-N-Go Transport Kit from PNW Custom in Portland, Oregon, is a new solution for transporting frags whether you’re visiting a store, swap, or show. The Kit holds up to 366 Frag Plugs in three stackable racks.

25 Aug 4:10 PM 1

Video: Than Thein’s Ideal Frag Tank System Design

If many coral propagators tend to be secretive, Than Thein has always been generous with sharing what he has learned at his successful Tidal Gardens coral farm in Copley, Ohio. His latest video is highly recommended for anyone planning a new frag tank (or even your next display aquarium).

30 Oct 12:32 PM 0

Build Up: Frag Farming, High-Rise City Style

When the population density of your frag racks becomes problematic, take a cue from city planners and build-up!

18 Apr 5:23 PM 1