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Peanut Beetle Larvae—the easiest and most nutritious live food?

Sumer Tiwari shares his experiences raising peanut beetle (Ulomoides dermestoides) larvae as a live food for fish. These larvae have an impressive and rich nutritional profile; the richest nutritional profile seen compared to any other live food available in the hobby. A special excerpt from the January/February 2021 issue of AMAZONAS Magazine.

27 Nov 6:12 PM 3

Freshwater Food Culturing 101: Vinegar Eels

Vinegar eels, Tubatrix aceti, are one of those freshwater aquarium fish food cultures that are overlooked, but fill an important niche in fish culture, being larger than infusoria, smaller than microworms and baby brine shrimp.

16 Nov 1:42 PM 3