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Forgotten Florida: The Gorgonian Installment

CORAL Magazine bonus article: While the nonphotosynthetic gorgonian species are challenging, most of the photosynthetic species will thrive in the home aquarium once they have survived the transition from the ocean to an aquarium. Their unique growth forms and graceful movement add to the rich diversity of our reef aquariums.

04 Nov 3:08 PM 2

Rhyne & Coauthors Respond to Peer Critics

It is encouraging to see the animated discussion of important issues surrounding the future of our industry. We are particularly pleased to see CORAL allowing for dialogue, however, recent comments regarding our paper “Crawling to Collapse: Ecologically Unsound Ornamental Invertebrate Fisheries” have misinterpreted key phrases and ignored the data. For the benefit of the CORAL readers, we will summarize our findings and address some of the misinterpretations, in hopes of creating a collegial dialogue on how ornamental fisheries around the world can improve.

15 Apr 12:20 PM 1