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FWC’s 2019 Lionfish Challenge Begins with Record Removals

Over 19,000 lionfish removed as part of Lionfish Removal & Awareness at the Emerald Coast Open lionfish tournament: an update from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

24 May 2:34 PM 0

FWC Votes to Reorganize Florida’s Nonnative Species Rules

The Commission voted to approve a reorganization of rules related to non-native species and requested work on a temporary executive order to limit the importation of potentially high-risk injurious species.

28 Sep 12:44 PM 2

Florida Lionfish Tourney Bags 15,000 Invasives

More than invasive 15,000 Pterois spp. lionfish were removed from Florida waters thanks to several spring tournaments held across the state focused on targeting the highly predatory species that is considered a serious threat to native fishes in Florida, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Caribbean.

25 May 10:23 AM 4