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Video: Tour Spencer Jack’s aFISHionaos

What lurks behind the doors at aFISHionados in Manitoba province, Canada? Aquarist Chris Biggs brings you inside the aquarium fish wholesaler and distributor to tour a clean and efficiently designed commercial fishroom.

21 Oct 1:49 PM 0

Fishroom Tour: Don Danko

Don, 60, is a lifelong fish keeper who got started in the hobby at the recommendation of his ophthalmologist when he was in the third grade and recuperating from an eye injury and surgery. He started with a 15-gallon (57–L) community tank, but under his father’s influence, quickly became enamored of cichlids and their breeding behaviors.

28 Jan 3:37 PM 0

AMAZONAS March/April 2013 Preview

The second issue of the New Year for AMAZONAS spans many interests, from rare plecos that cause catfish lovers’ hearts to race, to the many exotic and wonderful fishes of Myanmar (Burma), and world-best planted tank aquascapes in a gallery of awe-inspiring images from the Aquatic Gardeners Association Annual competition

03 Jan 2:51 PM 0