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Hawaii’s Aquarium Fishery: What Happened? MACNA 2018

Dr. Bruce Carlson examines the most well-managed marine aquarium fishery on the planet, and why it is now facing a very uncertain future.

20 Sep 9:50 PM 4

ACA Statement on Wild Collection of Aquarium Fish

Wild collection of fish is integral to ensuring genetic diversity in captive populations and promoting the introduction of new species and variants for the aquarium hobby and research.

16 Nov 4:02 PM 0

Project Piaba Holds First Training Workshop in Manaus

As part of their mission to improve and promote the aquarium fishery based along Brazil’s Rio Negro, nonprofit organization Project Piaba held their first “Best Handling Practices” workshop in Manaus, Amazonas State, Brazil this week.

01 Jul 2:40 PM 0